Experience the Adventure at YMCA Camp Greenville

Welcome to YMCA Camp Greenville, where adventure awaits! Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our camp offers an unforgettable experience for kids and teens. With a wide range of activities, stunning natural surroundings, and a supportive community, YMCA Camp Greenville is the perfect place to create lifelong memories. Join us as we explore the magic of camp life, the transformative power of nature, and the countless opportunities for growth and fun.

At YMCA Camp Greenville, we believe in the power of outdoor education and experiential learning. Our campers have the chance to step outside their comfort zones, try new things, and discover their true potential. From hiking and rock climbing to canoeing and horseback riding, our diverse program ensures there’s something for everyone. Campers develop valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience, all while fostering a deeper connection with nature and themselves.

Outdoor Adventures Galore

Get ready for an action-packed adventure at YMCA Camp Greenville! Our campers have the opportunity to explore the great outdoors through a variety of thrilling activities. Whether it’s conquering the high ropes course, navigating through our extensive trail system, or learning survival skills, every day is filled with excitement and discovery.

High Ropes Course

One of the highlights of YMCA Camp Greenville is our high ropes course. Campers are challenged to conquer their fear of heights as they navigate through a series of obstacles suspended high above the ground. With the guidance of our trained instructors, campers learn to trust themselves and their teammates, developing a sense of confidence and resilience that extends beyond the ropes course.

Trail Exploration

Our camp is situated amidst a vast network of trails, providing endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. Campers embark on hikes of various difficulty levels, discovering hidden waterfalls, breathtaking vistas, and the wonders of the local flora and fauna. Along the way, they learn valuable navigation skills, gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world, and develop a sense of stewardship for the environment.

Survival Skills Training

At YMCA Camp Greenville, we believe in equipping our campers with essential life skills. In our survival skills training sessions, campers learn how to build a shelter, start a fire, purify water, and navigate using basic orienteering techniques. These skills not only foster self-reliance and resourcefulness but also instill a sense of respect for nature and the importance of conservation.

Water Fun and Aquatics

Make a splash at YMCA Camp Greenville! Our campers enjoy a refreshing escape from the summer heat with our water-based activities. From swimming and kayaking in our pristine lake to learning to paddleboard or canoe, there’s no shortage of aquatic adventures to dive into.

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Our beautiful lake provides the perfect setting for swimming and cooling off on hot summer days. Campers have the opportunity to improve their swimming skills under the guidance of certified lifeguards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Whether they’re learning to swim for the first time or honing their strokes, campers gain confidence in the water and develop a lifelong love for swimming.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Exploring the calm waters of the lake is a favorite activity amongst our campers. In our kayaking and canoeing sessions, campers learn the basics of paddling, navigation, and water safety. They have the chance to venture out on solo or group expeditions, discovering hidden coves, observing wildlife, and soaking in the tranquility of the lake. These experiences foster a sense of independence, self-reliance, and a deeper connection with the natural world.


For those seeking a balance-based challenge, paddleboarding is the perfect activity. Campers learn to stand, balance, and maneuver on a paddleboard, all while enjoying the serenity of the lake. Paddleboarding not only strengthens core muscles and improves balance but also cultivates a sense of mindfulness and connection with the water and surroundings.

Arts and Crafts Exploration

Unleash your creativity at YMCA Camp Greenville’s arts and crafts sessions. Campers have the chance to express themselves through various artistic mediums, such as painting, pottery, and jewelry making. Our experienced instructors guide campers in discovering their artistic talents and creating unique masterpieces to cherish forever.


Campers explore the world of painting, experimenting with different techniques, colors, and subjects. From landscapes to abstract art, they unleash their creativity on canvas, expressing their emotions and imagination. Our instructors provide guidance and inspiration, helping campers develop their skills and discover their unique artistic style.


In our pottery sessions, campers get their hands dirty as they learn the art of sculpting clay. From pinch pots to coil pots, they mold and shape their creations, bringing their ideas to life. Campers also have the opportunity to glaze and decorate their pottery, adding a personal touch to their finished pieces. The process of working with clay stimulates creativity, patience, and focus, while the final products serve as tangible reminders of their time at camp.

Jewelry Making

Campers unleash their inner jewelry designers as they learn to craft unique pieces using beads, wire, and other materials. From bracelets and necklaces to earrings and keychains, the possibilities are endless. Our instructors teach campers various techniques, such as stringing, wire wrapping, and bead weaving, allowing them to create beautiful and personalized accessories. Through jewelry making, campers develop fine motor skills, attention to detail, and a sense of pride in their creations.

Sports and Team Building

Get ready to channel your inner athlete at YMCA Camp Greenville! Our campers engage in a wide range of sports activities, from traditional team sports like soccer and basketball to unique challenges like archery and disc golf. Through friendly competition and team building exercises, campers learn the value of collaboration, sportsmanship, and perseverance.

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Soccer is a beloved sport at YMCA Camp Greenville, and campers have the opportunity to improve their skills through drills, friendly matches, and mini-tournaments. Our experienced coaches focus on fundamental techniques, teamwork, and fair play, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all skill levels. Campers develop agility, coordination, and a love for the beautiful game.


Campers hit the court to learn and practice basketball skills, including shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. Through friendly scrimmages and skill-building exercises, they develop their athletic abilities, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our coaches emphasize the importance of fair play, respect, and perseverance, instilling valuable life lessons that extend beyond the basketball court.


Archery is a thrilling and ancient sport that challenges campers’ focus, precision, and patience. Under the guidance of certified instructors, campers learn proper shooting techniques, target practice, and archery safety. As they develop their skills, they gain confidence in their abilities and experience the satisfaction of hitting the bullseye. Archery also fosters concentration, mental discipline, and a sense of self-control.

Disc Golf

For a unique twist on traditional golf, campers try their hand at disc golf. Similar to regular golf, disc golf involves throwing a flying disc into a target using as few throws as possible. Campers navigate through a course, strategizing their throws, and honing their accuracy and distance skills. Disc golf is a fun and challenging activity that promotes physical fitness, coordination, and problem-solving.

Campfire Stories and Traditions

Experience the magic of campfire nights at YMCA Camp Greenville. Gather around the fire with fellow campers and counselors to share stories, sing songs, and participate in beloved camp traditions. These cherished moments create lasting friendships and memories that campers will carry with them long after their time at camp.

Campfire Stories

One of the highlights of campfire nights is the sharing of stories. Campers and counselors take turns telling tales of adventure, mystery, and humor, captivating the audience with their storytelling skills. Whether it’s a ghost story that sends shivers down their spines or a silly anecdote that elicits laughter, these stories create a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Sing-Alongs and Campfire Songs

Music is an integral part of the campfire experience. Campers and counselors join together in singing traditional campfire songs, accompanied by guitar or other instruments. These sing-alongs create a sense of unity and joy, as voices blend harmoniously under the starlit sky. The power of music brings campers closer and fosters a sense of belonging and community.

Campfire Traditions

YMCA Camp Greenville has a rich history and a set of cherished traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. These traditions, such as the lighting of the campfire by a designated camper, the sharing of the “camp spirit” chant, or the passing of a symbolic object, create a sense of continuity and connection with the past. Campers feel a part of something larger than themselves and develop a deep appreciation for the camp’s legacy.Leadership and Personal Growth

YMCA Camp Greenville is more than just a summer camp; it’s a place for personal growth and leadership development. Campers have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, build self-confidence, and develop essential life skills. Through workshops, team challenges, and mentorship, campers leave with a newfound sense of resilience, empathy, and a belief in their own abilities.

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Leadership Workshops

Our camp offers leadership workshops designed to empower campers and cultivate their leadership potential. These workshops cover topics such as effective communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Through interactive activities and discussions, campers learn to lead with integrity, empathy, and inclusivity. These skills not only benefit them during their time at camp but also in their future endeavors.

Team Challenges

Team challenges are an integral part of the YMCA Camp Greenville experience. These activities require campers to work together, communicate effectively, and rely on each other’s strengths to overcome obstacles. Whether it’s a ropes course challenge or a problem-solving task, campers learn the value of collaboration, adaptability, and perseverance. These experiences foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among campers, as they realize the power of teamwork.


At YMCA Camp Greenville, we believe in the power of mentorship. Our experienced counselors serve as positive role models, guiding campers on their journey of personal growth. They provide support, encouragement, and individualized attention, helping campers navigate challenges and discover their strengths. Through these meaningful connections, campers develop a sense of belonging and find inspiration to become the best version of themselves.

Lifelong Friendships and Unforgettable Memories

YMCA Camp Greenville is a place where lifelong friendships are forged and unforgettable memories are made. Surrounded by a supportive community of peers and caring staff, campers create bonds that will last a lifetime. From late-night cabin chats to shared adventures, campers leave YMCA Camp Greenville with a treasure trove of memories and friendships that transcend time and distance.

Cabin Life

Cabin life is at the heart of the camp experience. Campers live together in cabins, forming close-knit communities and shared experiences. From sharing stories before bedtime to working together on cabin chores, campers develop a sense of camaraderie and friendship that extends beyond their time at camp. The bonds formed in the cabins create a support system and a sense of belonging that lasts long after camp ends.

Shared Adventures

Every day at YMCA Camp Greenville is filled with shared adventures. Whether it’s embarking on a challenging hike, conquering the high ropes course, or participating in a camp-wide scavenger hunt, campers create memories together. These shared experiences foster a sense of camaraderie, as campers support and encourage each other, celebrate achievements, and overcome obstacles. The sense of accomplishment and joy that comes from these adventures creates lasting connections and lifelong friendships.

Camp Traditions and Special Events

YMCA Camp Greenville is steeped in traditions that have been passed down through generations of campers. From the opening campfire ceremony to the end-of-summer celebration, these traditions create a sense of continuity and a shared connection to the camp’s history. Special events, such as talent shows, theme days, and camp-wide games, add excitement and create memories that campers will cherish for years to come.

In conclusion, YMCA Camp Greenville provides an unparalleled experience for kids and teens seeking adventure, personal growth, and lifelong friendships. With a wide range of activities, a stunning natural setting, and a supportive community, campers have the opportunity to explore the outdoors, unleash their creativity, develop essential life skills, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us at YMCA Camp Greenville and embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, friendship, and fun!

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