Experience the Adventure at YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir

Welcome to YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, where adventure and fun await! Nestled in the heart of Idaho’s scenic landscape, our camp offers a unique experience for children and teens looking to connect with nature, make lifelong friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, we believe in the power of outdoor education and the positive impact it can have on young minds. Our campers have the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, learn new skills, and challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

Nature Exploration: Discover the Wonders of the Outdoors

Unleash your sense of adventure and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our Nature Exploration session at YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir. Led by our experienced counselors, campers will embark on exhilarating hikes through scenic trails, where they’ll have the chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat and learn about the diverse ecosystem that surrounds the camp.

Discover Hidden Trails and Scenic Views

Get ready to traverse hidden trails and witness breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Our knowledgeable guides will lead campers through lush forests, across babbling streams, and up to stunning overlooks where they can take in the beauty of Horsethief Reservoir and its surrounding mountains. Each hike will present a unique opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate the wonders of the great outdoors.

Observe Wildlife in Their Natural Habitat

During our Nature Exploration sessions, campers will have the chance to observe a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. From majestic bald eagles soaring above to playful deer grazing in the meadows, there is always a captivating sight awaiting our campers. Our counselors will provide fascinating insights into the behaviors and habitats of these incredible creatures, fostering a sense of appreciation and respect for the natural world.

Learn About the Diverse Ecosystem

Our Nature Exploration sessions also aim to educate campers about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. Through hands-on activities and educational discussions, campers will gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the ecosystem. From learning about the role of pollinators in sustaining plant life to understanding the impact of human activity on wildlife habitats, campers will leave with a newfound appreciation for the delicate balance of nature.

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Adventure Sports: Thrills and Excitement

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, our Adventure Sports session at YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir is the perfect fit. Campers will have the opportunity to try their hand at a range of exciting activities that will test their limits and provide exhilarating thrills.

Rock Climbing: Reach New Heights

Get ready to reach new heights as you tackle the challenging rock climbing walls at YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, campers will learn essential climbing techniques and safety protocols. As they conquer each ascent, they’ll gain confidence, develop problem-solving skills, and experience a sense of accomplishment that will stay with them long after camp ends.

Kayaking: Ride the Rapids

Experience the rush of riding the rapids with our exhilarating kayaking sessions. Campers will learn the basics of kayaking, including paddling techniques and water safety. They’ll navigate through the twists and turns of the Horsethief Reservoir, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Idaho landscape. Whether it’s cruising along calm waters or navigating exciting rapids, kayaking at our camp is an adventure like no other.

Zip-lining: Soar through the Sky

Feel the wind in your hair as you soar through the sky on our thrilling zip-line course. Campers will be harnessed in and guided through a series of zip-lines suspended high above the ground, allowing them to experience a bird’s-eye view of the stunning Horsethief Reservoir and its surrounding wilderness. This activity not only offers an adrenaline rush but also promotes courage, self-confidence, and a sense of adventure.

Arts and Crafts: Unleash Your Creativity

At YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, we believe in nurturing the creative spirit of our campers. Our Arts and Crafts session provides a platform for campers to unleash their creativity and explore various art forms, allowing them to express themselves in unique and imaginative ways.

Painting and Drawing: Embrace Your Inner Artist

Let your artistic talents shine through painting and drawing sessions at our camp. Campers will have the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and mediums, from watercolors and acrylics to charcoal and pastels. Our talented art instructors will provide guidance and inspiration, encouraging campers to express themselves and create stunning works of art.

Pottery: Shape and Mold Your Creations

Experience the tactile joy of working with clay in our pottery sessions. Campers will learn hand-building techniques and have the chance to create their own unique pottery pieces. From molding and shaping to painting and glazing, each camper will have the opportunity to bring their artistic vision to life and take home a tangible reminder of their time at camp.

Jewelry Making and Tie-Dye: Add a Splash of Color

Let your creativity shine through vibrant jewelry making and tie-dye sessions. Campers will have the chance to design and create their own unique pieces of jewelry using beads, threads, and other materials. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to explore the exciting world of tie-dye, experimenting with different color combinations and patterns on t-shirts or other fabric items. These colorful creations will serve as mementos of the camp experience and a testament to each camper’s artistic flair.

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Team-Building: Forge Lifelong Friendships

At YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, we understand the importance of building strong relationships and fostering a sense of community. Our Team-Building sessions provide campers with opportunities to work together, communicate effectively, and develop the skills necessary to build lifelong friendships.

Collaborative Challenges: Overcoming Obstacles Together

Through a series of collaborative challenges, campers will learn the value of teamwork and effective communication. These challenges may include building a structure using limited resources, navigating an obstacle course blindfolded, or solving complex puzzles as a group. By working together, campers will develop problem-solving skills, learn to trust one another, and understand the strength that comes from collaboration.

Outdoor Games and Sports: Uniting Through Friendly Competition

Engaging in friendly competition is a powerful way to bring people together. Our Team-Building sessions include a variety of outdoor games and sports that promote teamwork and camaraderie. From relay races and tug-of-war to soccer and ultimate frisbee, campers will have fun while learning the importance of supporting one another and working towards a common goal.

Campfire Bonding: Sharing Stories and Building Connections

The campfire is a sacred space where lasting bonds are forged. Our Team-Building sessions include evenings spent around the campfire, where campers can share stories, sing songs, and engage in meaningful conversations. This relaxed and intimate setting provides an opportunity for campers to connect on a deeper level, fostering lifelong friendships and memories.

Outdoor Skills: Surviving and Thriving in the Wilderness

At YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, we believe in equipping our campers with essential outdoor skills that will serve them well beyond their time at camp. Our Outdoor Skills sessions provide hands-on experiences and practical knowledge to ensure campers can navigate and thrive in the wilderness.

Fire-Building and Camp Cooking: Master the Art of Campfire Cuisine

Learn the art of fire-building and camp cooking, essential skills for any outdoor enthusiast. Campers will be taught various fire-building techniques, from using flint and steel to creating a teepee structure. They’ll also learn how to cook delicious meals over an open fire, using basic ingredients and campfire cooking utensils. These skills not only provide campers with a sense of self-reliance but also create opportunities for bonding and fun around the campfire.

Shelter Construction: Creating a Safe Haven

In our Shelter Construction sessions, campers will learn how to build a variety of shelters using natural materials found in the wilderness. From lean-tos and debris huts to tarp shelters, campers will gain the skills necessary to create a safe and comfortable space in the great outdoors. Understanding the principles of shelter construction ensures that campers can adapt and survive in various environmental conditions.

Navigation and Orienteering: Finding Your Way

Develop a keen sense of direction and navigation skills with our Navigation and Orienteering sessions. Campers will learn how to use a compass, read maps, and navigate through unfamiliar terrain. These skills are crucial for outdoor adventures, ensuring campers can confidently explore their surroundings while maintaining a sense of safety.

Water Sports: Dive into the Fun

With the picturesque Horsethief Reservoir as our playground, water sports are a highlight of the YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir experience.

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Swimming: Make a Splash

Take a refreshing dip in the pristine waters of Horsethief Reservoir during our swimming sessions. Campers will have the opportunity to improve their swimming skills, practice different strokes, and enjoy the freedom of splashing and playing in the water. With certified lifeguards on duty, safety is our top priority, allowing campers to have fun and build confidence in the water.

Paddleboarding: Glide Across the Water

Experience the tranquility of gliding across the water on a paddleboard. Campers will learn the basics of paddleboarding, including proper stance, paddling techniques, and balance. As they explore the calm waters of Horsethief Reservoir, campers will enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by nature, and perhaps even encounter some of the local wildlife that call the reservoir home.

Canoeing: Journey through Scenic Waterways

Embark on a serene journey through the scenic waterways of Horsethief Reservoir with our canoeing sessions. Campers will learn the art of paddling in sync with their canoeing partner, navigate through gentle currents, and discover hidden coves and peaceful corners of the reservoir. Canoeing offers a unique opportunity for campers to connect with nature and appreciate the tranquility of the water.

Campfire Tales: Embrace the Magic of Storytelling

Nothing brings people together like a good story around the campfire. Our Campfire Tales sessions at YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir provide campers with a chance to embrace the magic of storytelling, fostering a sense of community and creating lasting memories.

Share Personal Stories and Experiences

During our Campfire Tales sessions, campers are encouraged to share their own personal stories and experiences. From recounting funny anecdotes and memorable adventures to reflecting on moments of personal growth and self-discovery, each camper’s unique perspective adds depth and diversity to the storytelling circle. This sharing of personal stories creates a sense of trust and connection among campers, allowing them to truly bond with one another.

Explore Folklore and Legends

Alongside personal stories, our Campfire Tales sessions also delve into the rich world of folklore and legends. Campers will hear captivating tales of mythical creatures, heroes, and far-off lands. These stories spark the imagination, ignite a sense of wonder, and create a shared experience that bonds campers together. From ghost stories that send shivers down the spine to tales of bravery and triumph, the campfire becomes a stage for the exploration of the human experience through storytelling.

Create Campfire Traditions

Our Campfire Tales sessions also involve the creation of campfire traditions that are passed down from year to year. Whether it’s a particular song, a special chant, or a unique way of roasting marshmallows, these traditions become an integral part of the camp experience. Each camper contributes to the campfire traditions, leaving their mark on the camp’s history and carrying forward the spirit of camaraderie and storytelling.


YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir is more than just a summer camp; it’s an opportunity for children and teens to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, challenge their limits, and forge lifelong friendships. Through engaging sessions such as Nature Exploration, Adventure Sports, Arts and Crafts, Team-Building, Outdoor Skills, Water Sports, and Campfire Tales, campers are exposed to a wide range of experiences that foster personal growth, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

As campers explore the scenic trails, climb towering rock walls, create beautiful works of art, collaborate in team-building activities, learn essential outdoor skills, glide across the water, and share stories around the campfire, they develop confidence, resilience, and a sense of adventure that will stay with them long after they leave our camp.

Join us at YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir for an unforgettable adventure and the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s exploring the wonders of nature, challenging oneself in thrilling activities, unleashing creativity through art, building strong connections through teamwork, learning essential outdoor skills, enjoying water sports, or embracing the magic of storytelling, our camp offers a transformative experience that will leave campers with a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and the power of human connection.

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