Narragansett Beach Rentals: Your Ultimate Guide to a Memorable Vacation

Welcome to Narragansett Beach Rentals, where sun, sand, and relaxation await you on the beautiful shores of Rhode Island. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a fun-filled weekend with friends, our beach rentals offer the perfect accommodations for an unforgettable experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about Narragansett beach rentals, from the stunning oceanfront views to the top attractions that surround them.

Discover the best rental options that suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage overlooking the waves or a luxurious beachfront villa with all the amenities. Each rental is carefully selected to ensure comfort, convenience, and the ultimate beach experience. With our detailed descriptions and high-quality photos, you can easily find your dream vacation home away from home.

Choosing the Perfect Narragansett Beach Rental

When it comes to choosing the perfect Narragansett beach rental, there are a few factors to consider that will ensure your vacation meets all your expectations.
Location is key, as different areas of Narragansett offer different atmospheres and amenities. Whether you prefer a bustling beachfront or a more secluded spot, there are rentals available to suit every preference. Additionally, consider the size of the rental and the number of bedrooms you’ll need to accommodate your group comfortably.


Narragansett boasts several stunning beaches, each with its own unique charm. If you’re seeking a lively atmosphere with bustling boardwalks and a range of dining and entertainment options, Narragansett Town Beach is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more tranquil and secluded experience, Roger Wheeler State Beach may be more to your liking. Consider the proximity of your rental to these different beaches and choose accordingly.

Size and Amenities

The size of your rental will depend on the number of people in your group and your preferences for space and privacy. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage or a spacious beachfront villa, Narragansett offers a range of options to suit your needs. Additionally, consider the amenities that are important to you, such as a fully equipped kitchen, outdoor patio, or private pool.

Exploring Narragansett Beaches

Narragansett is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Rhode Island, each with its own unique features and attractions. Spend your days soaking up the sun, building sandcastles, or exploring the picturesque coastline. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the top beaches in Narragansett.

Narragansett Town Beach

Narragansett Town Beach is the most popular beach in the area, known for its pristine sand, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, take a refreshing swim, or try your hand at surfing, this beach has it all. With a spacious boardwalk lined with shops, restaurants, and ice cream stands, there’s plenty to keep you entertained after a day of sun and sand.

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Scarborough State Beach

If you prefer a quieter and more secluded beach experience, Scarborough State Beach is the perfect choice. This beach offers a more tranquil setting, ideal for long walks along the shore or peaceful picnics with loved ones. With ample parking and lifeguards on duty, Scarborough State Beach provides a safe and serene environment for all visitors.

Sand Hill Cove Beach

Sand Hill Cove Beach, also known as “Dunes Park,” is a hidden gem nestled between two jetties. This beach offers breathtaking views, gentle waves, and a peaceful ambiance. Perfect for families and those seeking a peaceful escape, Sand Hill Cove Beach is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the natural beauty of Narragansett’s coastline.

Outdoor Activities for Adventure Seekers

If you’re an adventure seeker craving some outdoor excitement, Narragansett Beach has plenty to offer. From thrilling water sports to scenic hiking trails, there’s something for every adrenaline junkie.

Surfing and Paddleboarding

Narragansett is renowned for its excellent surf conditions, making it a paradise for surfers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, there are plenty of surf schools and rental shops that offer lessons and equipment. If you prefer a more serene water activity, try paddleboarding along the coastline and enjoy the stunning views from a different perspective.

Hiking and Biking Trails

For nature enthusiasts, Narragansett offers a variety of scenic hiking and biking trails that showcase the region’s natural beauty. The Black Point Trail, for example, takes you through a picturesque coastal landscape with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you prefer biking, the William C. O’Neill Bike Path stretches for miles along the coastline, allowing you to explore the area at your own pace.

Fishing and Boating

Narragansett Bay is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, offering opportunities for both deep-sea fishing and inshore angling. Charter a fishing boat and try your luck at catching striped bass, bluefish, or flounder. If you prefer a more leisurely boating experience, rent a kayak or a paddleboard and explore the bay’s calm waters, taking in the scenic beauty and wildlife that surrounds you.

Indulge in Local Cuisine and Dining

No vacation is complete without indulging in the local cuisine, and Narragansett offers a diverse and delectable food scene that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. From fresh seafood shacks to upscale waterfront restaurants, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Fresh Seafood Delights

Being a coastal town, Narragansett is renowned for its fresh seafood. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor local delicacies like clam chowder, lobster rolls, and oysters harvested from Narragansett Bay. Visit the local seafood shacks for a casual dining experience or opt for a waterfront restaurant for a more upscale meal with stunning ocean views.

Farm-to-Table Experiences

If you’re a fan of farm-to-table dining, Narragansett has a vibrant culinary scene that celebrates locally sourced ingredients. Many restaurants in the area pride themselves on using fresh produce and seafood from nearby farms and waters. Indulge in dishes that showcase the flavors of the region while supporting local farmers and businesses.

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Quaint Cafes and Bakeries

For a quick pick-me-up or a leisurely afternoon treat, explore the charming cafes and bakeries in Narragansett. Grab a cup of locally roasted coffee, indulge in pastry delights, or try a homemade ice cream cone made with the finest ingredients. These cozy establishments offer a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Exploring Narragansett’s Rich History

Narragansett is steeped in history, with a rich heritage that dates back centuries. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and landmarks that have shaped this coastal town’s identity.

The Narragansett Tribe

Before European settlers arrived, the land that is now Narragansett was inhabited by the indigenous Narragansett tribe. Learn about their fascinating history, traditions, and cultural significance through visits to local museums and historical sites. Gain a deeper understanding of the region’s heritage and the important contributions of the Narragansett people.

Historical Landmarks

Narragansett is home to several historical landmarks that offer a glimpse into the town’s past. Explore the beautifully preserved Point Judith Lighthouse, which has guided sailors along the coast since 1810. Visit the Towers, a pair of granite structures that were once part of a grand casino complex and now serve as a symbol of Narragansett’s history and charm.

The Breakers Mansion

While not located directly in Narragansett but nearby in Newport, the iconic Breakers Mansion is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. This magnificent Gilded Age mansion showcases the opulence and grandeur of the Vanderbilts, one of America’s wealthiest families. Take a guided tour and step back in time as you explore the lavish rooms and breathtaking ocean views.

Family-Friendly Attractions and Entertainment

Narragansett offers a plethora of family-friendly attractions and entertainment options that will keep everyone, young and old, entertained throughout their stay.

Adventureland Family Fun Park

Adventureland Family Fun Park is a perfect destination for families seeking amusement and excitement. This park features go-karts, batting cages, mini-golf, and bumper boats, ensuring hours of laughter and fun for all ages. Challenge your family members to a friendly competition or embark on a thrilling ride together.

Biomes Marine Biology Center

For a unique and educational experience, visit the Biomes Marine Biology Center. This interactive center allows visitors to get up close and personal with marine life from Narragansett Bay and the surrounding waters. Explore touch tanks, attend live animal presentations, and learn about the fascinatingecosystems that exist just below the water’s surface. It’s a great opportunity for children and adults alike to learn about the diverse marine life that calls Narragansett home.

South County Museum

Step back in time at the South County Museum, where you can explore the history and culture of the region through exhibits and interactive displays. Learn about the area’s agricultural heritage, view historical artifacts, and participate in hands-on activities that bring history to life. This museum offers a unique and engaging experience for the whole family.

Relaxation and Wellness by the Beach

While Narragansett is known for its outdoor activities and adventures, it also offers ample opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Take some time to unwind and pamper yourself during your beach vacation.

Spas and Wellness Centers

Indulge in some self-care and treat yourself to a spa day at one of Narragansett’s exquisite wellness centers. Enjoy a massage, facial, or other rejuvenating treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Take advantage of the serene surroundings and let the stresses of everyday life melt away.

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Yoga and Meditation

Practice mindfulness and find your inner zen with a yoga or meditation session by the beach. Many studios in Narragansett offer classes that allow you to connect with nature while finding balance and tranquility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, these sessions provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Beachside Relaxation

Of course, one of the best ways to relax in Narragansett is simply by spending time on the beach. Set up a comfortable chair, lay out a beach towel, and let the sound of the waves wash away your worries. Breathe in the salty sea air, soak up the sun, and take a refreshing dip in the ocean whenever you desire. It’s the perfect recipe for ultimate relaxation.

Shopping and Souvenirs in Narragansett

Explore the charming boutiques, gift shops, and local markets in Narragansett to find unique souvenirs and treasures to remind you of your beach getaway.

Boutiques and Clothing Stores

Narragansett is home to a variety of boutique shops and clothing stores, offering a blend of trendy fashion, beachwear, and unique accessories. Browse through racks of stylish clothing, pick out a new swimsuit, or find the perfect beach hat to complete your vacation ensemble. These stores offer a personalized shopping experience and a chance to support local businesses.

Gift Shops and Souvenir Stores

Don’t forget to pick up a few souvenirs to commemorate your time in Narragansett. Visit the local gift shops and souvenir stores to find items that capture the essence of the town, such as seashell crafts, handmade jewelry, or beach-themed artwork. These keepsakes will serve as lasting reminders of your memorable vacation.

Local Markets and Artisan Fairs

For a taste of the local culture, explore the vibrant markets and artisan fairs in Narragansett. These events often feature locally grown produce, handmade crafts, and live entertainment. Immerse yourself in the community and support local farmers and artisans while discovering unique treasures to bring back home.

Insider Tips for a Memorable Stay

To ensure that your Narragansett beach rental experience is truly unforgettable, here are some insider tips and recommendations to help you make the most of your vacation.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Narragansett depends on your preferences. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a lively beach scene, the summer months of June to August are ideal. However, if you prefer a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere, consider visiting in the shoulder seasons of May or September when the weather is still pleasant, and the crowds have thinned out.

Booking in Advance

Due to the popularity of Narragansett as a beach destination, it’s recommended to book your beach rental well in advance, especially if you plan to visit during peak season. This ensures that you have a wide selection of options to choose from and secures your preferred dates. Keep in mind that beachfront rentals tend to be in high demand, so early booking is key.

Exploring Beyond the Beach

While the beach is undoubtedly the main attraction in Narragansett, don’t forget to venture beyond the shoreline and explore the surrounding areas. Take a day trip to nearby Newport to visit the historic mansions, or explore the quaint seaside towns that dot the Rhode Island coastline. There’s so much to discover beyond the sand and waves.

Pack Essentials for the Beach

Before you head out to the beach, make sure you pack all the essentials for a day of fun in the sun. Sunscreen, beach towels, a cooler with snacks and drinks, and beach toys for the kids are just a few items to consider. Don’t forget a beach umbrella or a beach tent for some shade during the hottest hours of the day.

In conclusion, Narragansett Beach Rentals offer the perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, this coastal destination has it all. Book your Narragansett beach rental today and embark on a memorable journey filled with sun, sand, and everlasting memories.

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