The Ultimate Guide to Kia Myrtle Beach: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Kia Myrtle Beach! Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor planning a trip to this beautiful coastal city, this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about Kia vehicles and the services they offer in Myrtle Beach. From exploring the latest Kia models to finding the best dealerships in the area, we’ve got you covered!

Myrtle Beach, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and family-friendly attractions, is also home to a variety of Kia dealerships. If you’re in the market for a new or used Kia vehicle, you’ll find a wide range of options to choose from in this city. Kia is renowned for its stylish designs, advanced technology, and exceptional performance, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a compact sedan, a spacious SUV, or an eco-friendly hybrid, Kia offers something for everyone.

Exploring the Latest Kia Models

In this section, we’ll delve into the exciting range of Kia models available in Myrtle Beach. From the sporty Kia Stinger to the versatile Kia Soul, Kia offers a diverse lineup that caters to different preferences and needs. Let’s explore some of the popular models:

Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger is a high-performance luxury sedan that combines elegance with power. With its sleek design, powerful engine options, and advanced technology features, the Stinger delivers an exhilarating driving experience. Whether you’re cruising along the highway or navigating through city streets, the Stinger is sure to turn heads.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a compact SUV that stands out with its unique boxy design and spacious interior. It offers ample cargo space, comfortable seating, and a host of innovative features. The Soul is perfect for those who prioritize versatility and style in their vehicle.

Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos is a compact crossover SUV that strikes the perfect balance between practicality and style. With its rugged yet refined exterior, spacious cabin, and advanced safety features, the Seltos is an ideal choice for small families or individuals who enjoy outdoor adventures.

Finding the Best Kia Dealerships in Myrtle Beach

When it comes to purchasing a Kia vehicle, it’s essential to find a reputable dealership that offers excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and a wide selection of vehicles. In Myrtle Beach, you’ll find several Kia dealerships that meet these criteria. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top dealerships:

Kia of Myrtle Beach

Kia of Myrtle Beach is a renowned dealership known for its exceptional customer service and extensive inventory. With a team of knowledgeable sales professionals, they ensure that every customer finds the perfect Kia vehicle to suit their needs. From the moment you step into their showroom to the moment you drive off in your new Kia, Kia of Myrtle Beach strives to provide a seamless car-buying experience.

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East Coast Volkswagen Kia

East Coast Volkswagen Kia is a trusted dealership that offers a wide range of Kia vehicles, along with Volkswagen models. Their friendly staff is committed to helping customers find the right vehicle at a competitive price. With their transparent and honest approach, East Coast Volkswagen Kia has gained a loyal customer base in Myrtle Beach.

Beach Automotive Group

Beach Automotive Group is a family-owned dealership that has been serving the Myrtle Beach community for decades. They pride themselves on their extensive selection of Kia vehicles and their dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a new Kia or a pre-owned vehicle, Beach Automotive Group is a dealership you can trust.

Financing Options and Special Offers

Buying a car involves financial considerations, and Kia dealerships in Myrtle Beach offer a range of financing options to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in purchasing or leasing a Kia, they can help you find the right financing solution. Let’s explore some of the financing options and special offers available:

Auto Loans

Most Kia dealerships in Myrtle Beach have partnerships with banks and financial institutions, making it easier for customers to secure auto loans. They offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, ensuring that you can afford your dream Kia without breaking the bank.


If you prefer to lease a Kia, dealerships in Myrtle Beach can assist you in finding the right lease terms and conditions. Leasing a vehicle allows you to enjoy the latest Kia models without the long-term commitment of ownership. It’s an excellent option for those who prefer to upgrade their vehicle every few years.

Special Offers and Incentives

Kia regularly offers special deals and incentives to make owning a Kia even more enticing. These offers may include cashback options, low or zero-percent financing, and discounted lease rates. Be sure to check with your local dealership for any ongoing promotions that can help you save money on your Kia purchase.

Kia Service Centers and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your Kia vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Kia dealerships in Myrtle Beach have authorized service centers staffed with trained technicians who specialize in Kia vehicles. Let’s explore the importance of servicing your Kia and the services offered at these service centers:

Importance of Servicing Your Kia

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the performance, safety, and longevity of your Kia vehicle. By following the recommended service intervals, you can prevent potential issues, identify any underlying problems, and ensure that your Kia operates at its best. Regular servicing also helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

Routine Maintenance Tasks

Kia service centers in Myrtle Beach offer a range of routine maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and fluid checks. These tasks are crucial for keeping your Kia in optimal condition and preventing any potential breakdowns or malfunctions. During routine maintenance, the technicians will also conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify any issues that may require attention.

Authorized Service Centers

When it comes to servicing your Kia, it’s important to visit an authorized service center. These centers have access to the latest diagnostic equipment, genuine Kia parts, and certified technicians who receive regular training from Kia. By choosing an authorized service center, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Kia is in capable hands.

Test Driving a Kia in Myrtle Beach

Test driving a Kia is an essential step in the car-buying process. It allows you to experience the performance, comfort, and features of the vehicle firsthand. When visiting a Kia dealership in Myrtle Beach, here are some tips for making the most out of your test drive:

Schedule a Test Drive

Contact your preferred Kia dealership in advance to schedule a test drive. This ensures that the vehicle you’re interested in is available and ready for you to test drive when you arrive at the dealership. It’s also a good idea to schedule test drives for multiple Kia models so you can compare and make an informed decision.

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Prepare Questions and Expectations

Before your test drive, prepare a list of questions you have about the Kia model you’re interested in. This could include inquiries about the vehicle’s features, performance, fuel efficiency, and safety. Setting expectations for what you want to experience during the test drive will help you evaluate the vehicle effectively.

Focus on Key Aspects

During the test drive, pay attention to key aspects such as acceleration, braking, handling, and overall comfort. Test the various features and technologies to ensure they meet your expectations. Take note of the vehicle’s visibility, interior space, and ease of use for controls and infotainment systems.

Ask for Expert Advice

The sales professionals at Kia dealerships in Myrtle Beach are knowledgeable about the vehicles and can provide valuable insights. Don’t hesitate to ask for their opinions or recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences. They can help you make an informed decision and find the perfect Kia for you.

Kia Accessories and Upgrades

Personalizing your Kia is an exciting part of car ownership. Kia offers a wide range of accessories and upgrades that allow you to customize your vehicle to suit your style and needs. Let’s explore some of the options available:

Exterior Enhancements

Kia offers various exterior accessories to enhance the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. This includes options such as roof racks, spoilers, wheel upgrades, and body kits. These accessories not only add a unique touch to your Kia but also provide added convenience and performance.

Interior Accessories

To enhance your driving experience, Kia provides a range of interior accessories. These include all-weather floor mats, cargo organizers, seat covers, and ambient lighting options. These accessories not only protect your Kia’s interior but also add comfort and style.

Technology Upgrades

Kia vehicles come equipped with advanced technology features, but you can further enhance your driving experience with additional technology upgrades. These upgrades may include premium audio systems, wireless charging pads, rear-seat entertainment systems, and advanced driver assistance systems.

Kia Warranty and Extended Protection Plans


Kia Warranty Coverage

When you purchase a new Kia vehicle in Myrtle Beach, it comes with a comprehensive warranty package. Kia offers one of the best warranty programs in the industry, providing peace of mind to Kia owners. The warranty coverage typically includes:

  • Basic Warranty: This covers your Kia vehicle for a specific period or mileage, protecting against defects in material or workmanship.
  • Powertrain Warranty: The powertrain warranty covers the engine, transmission, and other vital components of your Kia vehicle.
  • Limited Warranty: Kia also provides a limited warranty that covers specific components and systems of your vehicle, such as the audio system, air conditioning, and more.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the details of the warranty coverage for your specific Kia model. This will help you understand what is included and the duration of coverage. The warranty ensures that any eligible repairs or replacements are taken care of by authorized Kia service centers in Myrtle Beach at no additional cost to you.

Extended Protection Plans

In addition to the standard warranty, Kia offers extended protection plans that provide additional coverage beyond the initial warranty period. These plans are designed to give you extra peace of mind and protect your investment in your Kia vehicle. Some benefits of extended protection plans include:

  • Extended Warranty Coverage: Extended protection plans extend the coverage of your vehicle’s warranty, allowing you to enjoy the same level of protection for an extended period or mileage.
  • Roadside Assistance: Many extended protection plans include roadside assistance, providing services such as towing, flat tire assistance, battery jump-starts, and more.
  • Rental Car Coverage: In the event that your Kia requires repairs covered by the extended protection plan, you may be eligible for rental car coverage, ensuring that you have transportation while your vehicle is being serviced.
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It’s worth considering an extended protection plan to safeguard your Kia against unexpected repairs and expenses. The dealership where you purchase your Kia in Myrtle Beach can provide you with more information about the available plans and help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Kia Community and Events in Myrtle Beach

Kia has a strong presence in the Myrtle Beach community and often sponsors various events and initiatives. The company is committed to giving back to the community and supporting local causes. Here are some ways in which Kia engages with the Myrtle Beach community:

Community Partnerships

Kia collaborates with local organizations, charities, and non-profit groups to make a positive impact in Myrtle Beach. They actively support initiatives focused on education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and more. By partnering with these organizations, Kia contributes to the betterment of the community.

Sponsorships and Events

Kia sponsors and participates in various events held in Myrtle Beach throughout the year. These events may include festivals, sports tournaments, community celebrations, and charity fundraisers. Kia’s involvement in these events helps create a sense of community and fosters a positive relationship with Myrtle Beach residents.

Community Outreach Programs

Kia also engages in community outreach programs that aim to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families in need. These programs may involve providing support to local schools, organizing food drives, volunteering at community centers, and more. Through these initiatives, Kia demonstrates its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

By supporting Kia, whether through purchasing their vehicles or attending their sponsored events, you are indirectly contributing to the community’s well-being. Kia’s presence in Myrtle Beach extends beyond providing quality vehicles; it’s a brand that cares about the people and the place it calls home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kia Myrtle Beach

In this section, we’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions about Kia vehicles and services in Myrtle Beach. Here are answers to help you make informed decisions and ensure a smooth car-buying experience:

1. Are Kia vehicles reliable?

Yes, Kia vehicles are known for their reliability. Kia has made significant strides in quality and dependability in recent years, earning recognition for their long-lasting vehicles and excellent warranty coverage.

2. How often should I service my Kia?

It is generally recommended to service your Kia every 7,500 to 10,000 miles or as indicated by the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Regular servicing helps maintain the performance and longevity of your Kia.

3. Can I finance a Kia with bad credit?

Kia dealerships in Myrtle Beach work with various lenders and can help individuals with various credit situations, including those with bad credit. While interest rates and loan terms may differ, there are often options available to finance a Kia even with less-than-perfect credit.

4. Can I lease a Kia in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, Kia dealerships in Myrtle Beach offer leasing options for those who prefer to lease rather than buy a vehicle. Leasing allows you to enjoy the latest Kia models for a specific period and mileage without the long-term commitment of ownership.

5. Are there any eco-friendly Kia models available?

Yes, Kia offers a range of eco-friendly models, including hybrid and electric vehicles. The Kia Niro is a popular hybrid option, while the Kia Soul EV and Kia Niro EV are fully electric models, offering zero-emissions driving.

6. Can I test drive multiple Kia models?

Absolutely! Kia dealerships in Myrtle Beach encourage customers to test drive multiple models to experience the different features, performance, and driving dynamics. This allows you to make a well-informed decision based on your preferences.

7. What is the average price range for Kia vehicles in Myrtle Beach?

The price range for Kia vehicles in Myrtle Beach can vary depending on the model, trim level, and optional features. Kia offers vehicles at different price points to accommodate various budgets, starting from affordable compact cars to premium SUVs.

8. Are there any special incentives or discounts available for Kia vehicles?

Yes, Kia often provides special incentives and discounts on select models, such as cashback offers, low or zero-percent financing, and discounted lease rates. These promotions can help you save money on your Kia purchase.

9. Can I customize my Kia with accessories?

Absolutely! Kia offers a wide range of accessories and upgrades for you to personalize your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to enhance the exterior, add interior comfort features, or incorporate advanced technology, there are options available to suit your preferences.

Remember, if you have any specific questions or concerns about Kia vehicles or services in Myrtle Beach, it’s always best to reach out to your local Kia dealership. They will be more than happy to assist you and provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

In conclusion, Kia Myrtle Beach offers an incredible range of vehicles, top-notch customer service, and a variety of services to meet all your automotive needs. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, exploring the world of Kia in Myrtle Beach will undoubtedly enhance your car-buying experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to embark on an exciting journey and discover the perfect Kia vehicle for you!

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