Discover the Best Free Camping Spots near Spokane, WA

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a budget-friendly and adventurous camping experience near Spokane, WA? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a journey to discover the best free camping spots in the breathtaking wilderness surrounding Spokane. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a beginner, this article will provide you with all the information you need to plan your next camping trip in this beautiful region.

Spokane, located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, offers a plethora of outdoor recreational activities, and camping is undoubtedly one of the most popular among them. With its picturesque landscapes, serene lakes, and majestic mountains, this region is a haven for nature lovers. Exploring the free camping options not only allows you to connect with nature but also saves you money, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious adventurers.

Riverside State Park

Summary: Discover the beauty of Riverside State Park, a stunning camping destination with numerous hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and breathtaking views of the Spokane River.

Riverside State Park, located just a short drive from Spokane, is a true gem for camping enthusiasts. Spanning over 14,000 acres, this park offers a wide range of camping options, from primitive sites to modern facilities. Whether you prefer a secluded spot or a more developed campground, Riverside State Park has something for everyone.

Camping Sites

Within the park, you’ll find several designated camping areas, each with its own unique charm. Bowl and Pitcher Campground is a popular choice for campers, offering 16 sites with picnic tables and fire rings. This campground is nestled among tall pines and overlooks the Spokane River, providing a serene and picturesque setting for your camping adventure.

Another camping area worth exploring is Nine Mile Recreation Area, located on the banks of the Spokane River. This area offers 46 campsites with access to the river, allowing for swimming, fishing, and other water activities. The sites are spacious and well-maintained, providing a comfortable camping experience.

Outdoor Activities

Aside from camping, Riverside State Park offers a plethora of outdoor activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay. The park boasts over 55 miles of hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging hikes. One of the most popular trails is the Riverside State Park Centennial Trail, a 37-mile long trail that follows the Spokane River and offers stunning views along the way.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to know that the park is home to several fishing spots. Cast your line into the Spokane River, where you can catch trout, bass, and other fish species. The park also has designated areas for swimming, boating, and horseback riding, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Mount Spokane State Park

Summary: Experience the magic of camping at Mount Spokane State Park, where you can enjoy panoramic views, wildlife sightings, and thrilling outdoor activities such as mountain biking and cross-country skiing.

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For those seeking a camping experience surrounded by stunning mountain vistas, Mount Spokane State Park is the perfect destination. Located just 30 miles northeast of Spokane, this park offers a unique blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure.

Camping Sites

Mount Spokane State Park features several camping areas, each offering a different experience. Quartz Mountain Campground is a popular choice, offering 18 primitive campsites nestled among towering trees. These sites provide a rustic camping experience, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in nature.

If you prefer a more developed campground, the Summit Road Campground is a great option. This campground offers 11 sites with picnic tables, fire rings, and vault toilets. It provides a convenient base for exploring the park’s trails and enjoying the breathtaking views from the summit.

Outdoor Activities

The park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities throughout the year. During the summer months, you can explore the park’s extensive trail system, which caters to hikers of all skill levels. The Mount Kit Carson Loop Trail is a popular choice, offering a moderate hike with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

In the winter, Mount Spokane transforms into a winter wonderland, attracting snow sports enthusiasts from near and far. The park has over 25 miles of cross-country ski trails, which are groomed regularly. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you can also try your hand at downhill skiing or snowboarding at the Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park.

Liberty Lake Regional Park

Summary: Unwind at Liberty Lake Regional Park, offering a perfect blend of camping and water activities, including swimming, boating, and fishing, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes.

Located just a short drive east of Spokane, Liberty Lake Regional Park is a hidden oasis for camping and outdoor recreation. This 3,591-acre park encompasses Liberty Lake, offering a serene and picturesque setting for your camping adventure.

Camping Sites

Liberty Lake Regional Park features two campgrounds that cater to different camping preferences. Meadowwood Campground is the more developed option, offering 69 sites with full hookups, picnic tables, and fire rings. This campground is perfect for RV campers or those who prefer a more comfortable camping experience.

If you prefer a more rustic setting, the East Shore Campground is the place to be. This primitive campground offers 18 sites nestled along the shores of Liberty Lake, providing a peaceful and secluded camping experience. The sites have picnic tables and fire rings, allowing you to enjoy meals and cozy campfires amidst the beautiful natural surroundings.

Outdoor Activities

Liberty Lake is the main attraction of the park, offering a wide range of water activities. The lake is ideal for swimming, with its clear waters and sandy beaches. You can also rent paddleboards, kayaks, or canoes from the park’s boat rental facility and explore the lake at your own pace.

Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Liberty Lake is home to a variety of fish species, including trout, bass, and crappie. Cast your line and try your luck from the shore or rent a boat and venture out into the deeper waters.

Fishtrap Lake Recreation Area

Summary: Escape from the bustling city life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Fishtrap Lake Recreation Area, renowned for its camping sites, bird-watching opportunities, and scenic trails.

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If you’re in search of a camping destination off the beaten path, Fishtrap Lake Recreation Area is the perfect choice. Nestled amidst rolling hills and wheat fields, this 7,000-acre area offers a tranquil and secluded camping experience.

Camping Sites

Fishtrap Lake Recreation Area features several camping sites, each providing a unique experience. The main campground is located near the lake and offers 33 sites with picnic tables, fire rings, and vault toilets. These sites are spacious and well-maintained, providing a comfortable setting for your camping adventure.

If you prefer a more primitive camping experience, the area also offers dispersed camping options. You can find secluded spots along the lake or venture further into the wilderness to find a more remote camping spot. Just make sure to follow Leave No Trace principles and respect the natural environment.

Outdoor Activities

One of the highlights of Fishtrap Lake Recreation Area is its abundant birdlife. The area is a known bird-watching hotspot, attracting bird enthusiasts from far and wide. Keep your binoculars handy and be prepared to spot a variety of bird species, including shorebirds, waterfowl, and raptors.

The area also offers several hiking trails that showcase the natural beauty of the region. The Fishtrap Lake Loop Trail is a popular choice, offering a scenic hike around the lake. Along the way, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge

Summary: Discover the diverse wildlife and pristine camping spots at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, a hidden gem that offers a unique camping experience amidst marshes, lakes, and meadows.

If you’re a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit camping destination. Located just south of Spokane, this 18,000-acre refuge is home to a diverse array of wildlife species and offers a peaceful and serene camping experience.

Camping Sites

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge offers primitive camping options, allowing you to truly disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The refuge has designated camping areas where you can set up your tent and enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings.

As the camping facilities are minimal, make sure to come prepared with all the necessary camping gear and supplies. Remember to pack out everything you bring in and leave no trace behind to help preserve the refuge’s pristine environment.

Outdoor Activities

The refuge is a haven for wildlife, with over 200 bird species and numerous mammals calling it home. Bird-watching is a popular activity here, with the refuge providing ideal habitat for waterfowl, songbirds, and raptors. Bring your binoculars and explore the refuge’s various trails, keeping an eye out for the diverse birdlife.

In addition to bird-watching, the refuge offers several hiking trails that allow you to explore itslush landscapes. The Pine Lake Trail is a favorite among visitors, offering a leisurely hike around the picturesque Pine Lake. Along the way, you may spot deer, elk, or even the occasional moose.

If you’re interested in learning more about the refuge’s wildlife and natural history, be sure to visit the refuge’s visitor center. Here, you’ll find educational exhibits and information about the various species that call the refuge home.

Mount Spokane State Wildlife Recreation Area

Summary: Embark on an outdoor adventure at Mount Spokane State Wildlife Recreation Area, where you can enjoy camping, hiking, hunting, and wildlife watching in a rugged and untouched natural environment.

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For those seeking a true wilderness experience, Mount Spokane State Wildlife Recreation Area is a hidden gem. Located northeast of Spokane, this expansive 13,919-acre area offers a rugged and untouched natural environment for camping and outdoor activities.

Camping Sites

Mount Spokane State Wildlife Recreation Area offers primitive camping options for those looking to immerse themselves in nature. The area has several designated camping sites, each providing a unique experience.

One popular camping spot is the Bald Knob Campground, located at an elevation of 5,600 feet. This campground offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. With only a few primitive sites available, camping here provides a true sense of solitude and tranquility.

Outdoor Activities

The wildlife recreation area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities to suit every interest. Hiking is a popular activity here, with numerous trails winding through the area’s diverse landscapes. The Mount Spokane Summit Trail takes you to the peak of the mountain, offering breathtaking views along the way.

If you’re a hunting enthusiast, the wildlife recreation area provides ample opportunities for game hunting. Deer, elk, and turkey are among the species that can be found in the area. Make sure to obtain the necessary permits and follow all hunting regulations.

Wildlife watching is another popular activity in the area, with the chance to spot various species such as moose, black bears, and bald eagles. Bring your binoculars and take a leisurely stroll through the wilderness, keeping an eye out for any signs of wildlife.

Williams Lake

Summary: Experience the serenity of camping at Williams Lake, a small but stunning lake surrounded by lush forests, offering excellent fishing opportunities and a peaceful atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and serene camping experience, Williams Lake is the perfect destination. Located southeast of Spokane, this small but beautiful lake offers a tranquil setting amidst lush forests and stunning natural landscapes.

Camping Sites

Williams Lake has a small campground with a handful of sites available for camping. The sites are simple and primitive, providing a back-to-nature experience. Set up your tent, relax by the campfire, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the lake.

Keep in mind that the campground is first-come, first-served, so it’s recommended to arrive early, especially during peak camping seasons.

Outdoor Activities

Williams Lake is a favorite among fishing enthusiasts, offering excellent opportunities to catch various fish species. The lake is stocked with trout, making it a popular spot for anglers. Cast your line and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing, surrounded by the beauty of the lake and its surrounding forests.

The area around Williams Lake also offers several hiking trails, allowing you to explore the natural beauty of the region. The Williams Lake Trail is a scenic option, taking you on a journey through the surrounding forests and offering glimpses of the lake along the way.

Whether you’re seeking solitude or looking to engage in outdoor activities, Williams Lake provides a peaceful and picturesque camping experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and connected to nature.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an unforgettable camping experience without breaking the bank, Spokane, WA, and its surrounding areas offer a plethora of free camping spots that cater to every adventurer’s taste. From riverside camping to mountainous retreats, this region provides a diverse range of options for nature enthusiasts. So pack your camping gear, set your compass towards Spokane, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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