Camp Hillard: Where Fun and Adventure Await

Welcome to Camp Hillard, the ultimate summer escape for children of all ages. Nestled amidst the tranquil surroundings of New York’s picturesque countryside, Camp Hillard offers a unique and enriching experience that will leave lasting memories. From thrilling outdoor activities to creative arts and crafts, our campers are guaranteed to have a summer they will never forget.

At Camp Hillard, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore their passions, build self-confidence, and make lifelong friendships. With a wide range of age-appropriate programs and activities, we ensure that every child is engaged and excited to come to camp every day.

Outdoor Adventures: Exploring Nature’s Wonders

Get ready for an action-packed summer as our campers embark on thrilling outdoor adventures. Whether it’s rock climbing, hiking through scenic trails, or conquering our challenging obstacle courses, Camp Hillard offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Our experienced staff members are trained to ensure the safety and well-being of every camper, while also encouraging them to push their limits and embrace new challenges.

1. Rock Climbing: Reaching New Heights

Our rock climbing sessions are designed to challenge campers both physically and mentally. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, campers learn the basics of climbing, including proper techniques and safety procedures. As they ascend the rock wall, they develop strength, coordination, and problem-solving skills. It’s an exhilarating experience that instills self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment in our campers.

2. Nature Trails: Discovering Hidden Gems

Our nature trails offer a chance for campers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Led by experienced guides, they embark on guided hikes, learning about local flora and fauna along the way. Campers develop an appreciation for nature and gain a deeper understanding of the environment. Exploring the trails also provides an opportunity for campers to develop teamwork and leadership skills as they navigate through various obstacles together.

3. Obstacle Courses: Overcoming Challenges

Our obstacle courses are designed to test campers’ physical abilities and mental agility. From ropes courses and balance beams to tire runs and climbing walls, campers are challenged to overcome obstacles and push their limits. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also foster problem-solving skills, resilience, and determination. Campers learn to support and encourage one another, creating a strong sense of camaraderie within their groups.

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Sports Galore: Unleashing the Athlete Within

Sports enthusiasts will find their bliss at Camp Hillard, where a wide variety of sports activities await. From soccer and basketball to tennis and swimming, our campers have the chance to learn new skills, improve their technique, and engage in friendly competition. With top-notch facilities and expert coaches, we foster a love for sports and physical activity that lasts far beyond the summer months.

1. Soccer: Kicking It Up a Notch

Our soccer sessions provide campers with the opportunity to develop their soccer skills in a fun and supportive environment. Campers learn the fundamentals of the game, including passing, shooting, and teamwork. With friendly matches and mini-tournaments, they have the chance to put their skills to the test and experience the thrill of competition. Our experienced coaches provide guidance and encouragement, helping campers improve their technique and build confidence on the field.

2. Basketball: Shooting for Success

Our basketball sessions are designed to help campers improve their basketball skills and develop a love for the game. Campers learn the basics of dribbling, shooting, and teamwork through a combination of drills and friendly scrimmages. Our experienced coaches provide individualized instruction, helping campers refine their technique and build confidence on the court. Whether they are beginners or aspiring basketball stars, every camper has the opportunity to grow and excel in our basketball program.

3. Tennis: Serving Up Fun

Our tennis program introduces campers to the exciting world of tennis and helps them develop their skills in a supportive environment. Campers learn the fundamentals of the game, including proper grip, footwork, and stroke technique. Whether they are beginners or experienced players, our experienced coaches provide personalized instruction to help campers improve their technique and strategy. Friendly matches and mini-tournaments allow campers to showcase their skills and enjoy the thrill of competition.

Creative Arts: Unleashing Imagination and Creativity

Let your child’s artistic talents shine at Camp Hillard’s creative arts sessions. From painting and drawing to pottery and theater, our campers have the opportunity to explore various forms of artistic expression. Under the guidance of our talented instructors, they can unleash their imagination, develop their creative skills, and showcase their talents in our end-of-summer exhibitions and performances.

1. Painting and Drawing: Creating Masterpieces

Our painting and drawing sessions provide campers with a creative outlet to express themselves. Campers learn different painting techniques, such as watercolor and acrylic, and explore various drawing styles, from realistic to abstract. Our instructors encourage campers to experiment with different mediums and subject matters, fostering their artistic growth and self-expression. Campers have the opportunity to showcase their artwork in our camp-wide art show, where their creativity is celebrated.

2. Pottery: Shaping Clay into Art

Our pottery sessions allow campers to get their hands dirty and experience the joy of working with clay. Campers learn various hand-building techniques, such as pinch pots and coil pots, as well as the basics of wheel throwing. They have the opportunity to create functional and decorative pieces, from bowls and mugs to sculptures and vases. Our instructors guide campers through the pottery-making process, teaching them about clay properties, glazing, and firing. Campers take pride in their finished pieces, which they can bring home as a memento of their summer at Camp Hillard.

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3. Theater: Stepping into the Spotlight

Our theater program provides campers with the opportunity to explore their love for performing arts. Campers participate in acting exercises, improvisation games, and script readings, developing their acting skills and confidence on stage. They also have the chance to rehearse and perform in a variety of theatrical productions, from skits and short plays to full-scale musical productions. Our talented instructors provide guidance and support, helping campers discover their unique talents and shine on stage.

Water Fun: Splashing and Cooling Off

When the summer heat becomes too much to handle, Camp Hillard’s water activities come to the rescue. Our campers can cool off in our swimming pools, tackle our exhilarating water slides, or enjoy a relaxing canoe ride on our pristine lake. Water safety is our utmost priority, and our trained lifeguards ensure that every child can have a splashing good time while staying safe.

1. Swimming: Making a Splash

Our swimming sessions provide campers with the opportunity to improve their swimming skills and build confidence in the water. Campers receive instruction from certified lifeguards, learning various swimming strokes and techniques. They also have the opportunity to participate in fun water games and relay races, promoting teamwork and friendly competition. With our emphasis on water safety, campers learn important skills that can benefit them for life.

2. Water Slides: Thrills and Chills

Our water slides offer an adrenaline-pumping experience for campers seeking an extra dose of excitement. Campers can slide down our thrilling water slides, experiencing twists, turns, and splashes along the way. Our trained staff ensures that every camper follows safety protocols and has a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s a great way for campers to cool off and have a blast during the hot summer days.

3. Canoeing: Exploring the Waters

Our canoeing sessions allow campers to explore the serene beauty of our camp’s lake. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, campers learn basic paddling techniques and safety procedures. They have the opportunity to navigate the calm waters, taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Canoeing is a great way for campers to develop teamwork, coordination, and a deeper appreciation for the natural environment.

Team Building: Learning and Growing Together

At Camp Hillard, we believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. Through team-building activities and group challenges, our campers learn valuable life skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership. These activities not only foster a sense of camaraderie but also help children develop vital skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.

1. Trust Building: Building Strong Bonds

Trust-building activities allow campers to develop a sense of trust and reliance on their fellow campers. Through trust falls, blindfolded partner activities, and other exercises, campers learn to rely on each other and communicate effectively. These activities promote empathy, understanding, and strengthen the bonds within the camp community.

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2. Problem-Solving Challenges: Thinking Outside the Box

Problem-solving challenges provide campers with opportunities to work together and find creative solutions to complex problems. Through activities such as scavenger hunts, puzzle-solving challenges, and team-based games, campers develop critical thinking skills, improve communication, and learn to collaborate effectively.

3. Initiative and Leadership Activities: Taking the Lead

Initiative and leadership activities empower campers to step up and take charge. Campers are given opportunities to lead group projects, plan and execute activities, and make decisions. These activities help campers develop leadership skills, build self-confidence, and learn how to effectively work with others as a team.

Specialty Workshops: Unleashing Hidden Talents

Do you have a budding chef, scientist, or musician in your family? Camp Hillard offers a range of specialty workshops where campers can delve deeper into their areas of interest. From cooking classes and science experiments to music lessons and dance workshops, our campers have the opportunity to explore their passions and unlock their hidden talents.

1. Culinary Arts: Mastering the Kitchen

Our culinary arts workshops provide campers with a hands-on cooking experience. Under the guidance of skilled chefs, campers learn basic cooking techniques, explore different cuisines, and create delicious dishes. From baking mouthwatering desserts to preparing savory meals, campers gain confidence in the kitchen and develop a love for culinary arts.

2. Science and Exploration: Unleashing Curiosity

Our science and exploration workshops ignite campers’ curiosity about the world around them. Through engaging experiments and hands-on activities, campers learn about various scientific concepts, such as chemistry, physics, and biology. They have the opportunity to conduct experiments, make discoveries, and develop a deeper understanding of the wonders of science.

3. Performing Arts: Dancing and Singing with Passion

Our performing arts workshops allow campers to delve into the world of dance and music. Campers can choose from a variety of dance styles, including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and more. They also have the opportunity to take vocal lessons and showcase their singing talents. These workshops provide a platform for campers to express themselves, develop their skills, and gain confidence in their artistic abilities.

Adventure Trips: Exploring Beyond Camp

For those seeking even more adventure, Camp Hillard organizes exciting off-site trips to nearby attractions and landmarks. From thrilling amusement park visits to educational museum tours, these trips add an extra layer of excitement and discovery to the summer camp experience. Our experienced staff members ensure that every trip is safe, educational, and, most importantly, unforgettable.

1. Amusement Park Adventures: Screams and Laughter

Our amusement park trips are a highlight of the summer for many campers. Campers have the opportunity to visit nearby amusement parks and enjoy a day filled with thrilling rides, games, and entertainment. From roller coasters to water slides, campers can experience the adrenaline rush and create unforgettable memories with their friends.

2. Nature Excursions: Embracing the Outdoors

Our nature excursions allow campers to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Campers visit state parks, nature reserves, and hiking trails, where they can observe wildlife, learn about the local ecosystem, and participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, and nature walks. These trips provide campers with a deeper connection to nature and a greater appreciation for the environment.

3. Museum Visits: Learning through Exploration

Our museum visits offer campers an opportunity to expand their knowledge and explore new subjects. Campers visit museums and cultural institutions, where they can learn about history, art, science, and more. Guided tours, interactive exhibits, and hands-on activities allow campers to engage with the displays and gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered. These trips inspire curiosity, spark intellectual growth, and broaden campers’ horizons.

In conclusion, Camp Hillard offers a one-of-a-kind summer camp experience that combines fun, adventure, and personal growth. From outdoor adventures to creative arts and specialty workshops, our campers have the opportunity to explore their passions, make lasting friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us at Camp Hillard, where every day is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

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